• Three Steps Restaurant and Caf'e in petra

about three steps !

Three Steps Restaurant & Caf'e located on the street of the tourist city of Petra near the gate Turae on just 300 meters.

about petra ...

Jordan is such a beautiful country which is holds a beauty all of it's own and of course it has one of the '' Seven Wonders of the world''.

The Rose - Red City of ''Petra'' was the city that Nabatenians sculptors, engineers and artist worked hand in hand to come up with one of the most gorgeous wonders in human history.

Petra has a different story and every place has a special memory reminds us of the Nabatenians who ruled the whole region one day.

Petra gate entrance which is only 300 meters from ''Three Steps Restaurant & Caf'e'' is named after the ''THREE STEPS'' leading into the premises.


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